Grains to Future fuel

We combine the power of the systems and technologies designed
by our team of engineers and specialists.

Road to production

As we prepare to embark on the construction phase of our 250 KLPD ethanol production facility, our commitment to quality will be paramount at every stage of production. We will utilize grains as our premium-grade feedstock, carefully sourcing them locally from trusted suppliers known for their dedication to excellence. These grains, chosen for their superior quality, will form the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring that only the finest ingredients are used.

To unlock the full potential of our future feedstock, we will employ cutting-edge techniques aimed at maximizing the inherent starch content. Through precise extraction methods and advanced processing technologies, we will aim to surpass industry standards, consistently delivering results of unparalleled quality. Our dedication here at Greenways is to excellence will be exemplified in our production of high-quality acetone ethanol, setting a new standard in the industry.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence extends beyond mere compliance with industry standards. Instead, we strive to surpass expectations, consistently delivering results that exceed conventional benchmarks. This commitment to excellence is exemplified in our production of high-quality acetone ethanol, a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to quality that defines our operations.

Uses of Greenways Bioenergy's Ethanol

Transportation Fuel: Greenways Bioenergy’s ethanol serves as a sustainable alternative to gasoline in the transportation sector. Our 1G Bio-Ethanol is derived from renewable sources, offering a cleaner and greener option for fueling vehicles while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuel Additive: Our bio-ethanol is widely recognized for its effectiveness as an additive in gasoline. By blending ethanol with gasoline, we enhance its octane rating and contribute to reducing air pollution. Common blends include E10 (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline), E20 (20% ethanol, 80% gasoline), and E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) providing consumers with eco-friendly fuel options.

Energy Generation: Greenways Bioenergy’s ethanol is not limited to transportation; it also plays a vital role in energy generation. Our bio-ethanol can be utilized in power plants and combined heat and power (CHP) systems to produce electricity and heat sustainably. This contributes to diversifying energy sources and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): As part of our commitment to innovation and sustainability, Greenways Bioenergy is dedicated to exploring and developing better ways of producing ethanol-based aviation fuel and additives. Through ongoing research and development efforts, we aim to maximize the efficiency and environmental benefits of SAF, contributing to greener aviation solutions.

By expanding the applications of ethanol and investing in research and development, Greenways Bioenergy continues to pave the way towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.